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Ron Tanski, a Los Angeles based Blues Singer, Song Writer, Composer and Avant Garde, Blues, Rock and Jazz pianist.

Ron is also one of Los Angeles’ most popular

live performers.

Ron’s debut CD “Dragged You Down” charted at

#3 on the RMR Blues Music Radio Top 40 and was in the

Top 100 Most Radio Played Blues CD’s of 2011!

Ron’s worked with Grammy Winning Guitar Great Albert Lee, Blues Grammy Nominee Phil Gates and Blues Greats Osee Anderson and the late  J.J. "Bad Boy" Jones as their Pianists and was the first ever "White Boy" house piano player at the famous Lindberg's Blues Club.

Ron’s written music for Award Winning Animated

Shorts, co-wrote the score for the independent film "Everyone Knows How To Spell Luv", and does

Jingles for radio. Ron also writes Sacred Music and

Children's Musical Theater.



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Ron endorses Earthworks as:


Ron PROUDLY PLAYS Mason & Hamlin Pianos. Click this image for a link to Ron’s Favorite Piano and the centerpiece of his studio. A classic Mason & Hamlin AA Grand Piano fully loaded with the amazing PianoDisc Pro-Record system!

Ron’s New CD: “Never Pet A Burning Dog” was recorded on a PianoDisc Pro-Record system and will be available on PianoDisc Player systems!!!